Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As of tomorrow large format and lighting will be over and I'll be in New York for a week hopefully receiving lots of money as xmas presents from my family (rent's due in January).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen of the world! (Or maybe just you, Jill, and my mom)

Victory is mine!

I wonder if you'll recall... back, long, long ago in one of my very first blog posts I told you about a light vs. dark assignment in lighting. A photo that had to have three objects in it and every dark part of the photo had to be against something light and vice versa.

Well, today is the day! After four reshoots, many tears, and serious thoughts about therapy, I present to you the image that got me a 3.5 on the assignment!

...and more Karsh!

I set up the lighting for this Karsh style portrait very quickly and it probably won't be the final image I had in next week for class, but it was just too good not to be on the interwebs somewhere!


For our macro assignment in large format and lighting we had to focus in on an object no bigger than one inch in size and our object had to have an environment. Meaning the photo had to have a foreground, middleground, and background.


B.O.B & W.O.W
black on black & white on white

Very similar to the previous post's assignment, with some differences.
This time we had to light an object and illuminate its shadow side so as to retain detail throughout the image, but we had to have a black image on a black background and a white image on a white background.

Key Fill

For this assignment we needed to use a fill light in order to retain detail on the shadow side of an object.

The first image is shot with only a main light coming from the left which creates a dark shadow side on the right. As a result some detail is lost.

The second image using the same main light, but has a fill light added. The shadow side of the cup does remain slightly darker, but none of the detail is lost in the cup now.