Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yeah, I did just design my business cards like that!  I'm getting them printed through MOO, the arrive June 9th (cutting it just a little close), and according to the website they will be printed on luxurious paper with smooth satin feel.  OOOH! 

Aaaand, they're double sided.  It's like buying a brand new shiny reversible jacket!  I am excitebike!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jennifer & Joe

Perhaps you recall a few blog posts ago me freaking out over a couple of no reshoot situations.  Well, the wedding went fantastic.  The coordinator left us without a space for formal shots after the ceremony, but we pulled it together and came away having had a great time and taken lots of beautiful photos!

So, lemme shout out to my home skillet Anne-Michele who shot the wedding with me.  And congratulations and all the happiness there is to my friends Jennifer and Joe!

Monday, May 2, 2011

ROCKIN' Portfolios

Photographers!  Check it.  This website is a Pina Zangaro distributor and is HANDS DOWN the single cheapest source for portfolios I have found on the interweb.

I got two 11x14 books, 40 adhesive strips, and a metal box big enough for 16x20 mat boards all (literally) for the same price I paid for ONE 8x10 book locally.  Swish!

way down from the Kansas of my heart

Two images from a series involving Kansas that has been a long time coming.  When I think of the things I'm going to have time to concentrate on after I'm done with school I get very excite!  T-minus 5 weeks now.  FIVE WEEKS!!

stop this bus, I want off.

A sweet bus shot I snapped with the cell phone that will never make it into my bus series.  Oh well.