Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Gosh, I wanna cigarette

SO.  As if the universe doesn't clue me in on the regular that it's got a grudge against me... my first day of not smoking leads down THIS road in photo news.....

Photographer Frieke Janssens takes portraits of smoking children!  Oh my.  See her website for more great work and more smoking children.  I have to go brush my teeth now..........

Oh, and look.  An even WEIRDER smoking child photo.  I've seen this ad campaign in Communication Arts before, and thought it was powerful and clever, but sadly tonight without a copy of ComArts and just a google search I could not find info on who the photographer was.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lazer Paper

I spent a few hours last Sunday shooting crumpled up paper?  Yeah that's right.  I can even make your TRASH LOOK PRETTY!


The headline on buzzfead, "One Incredible Baseball Photo".  And that's exactly what I saw when I clicked on the link.  Check it:
*source:  buzfeed

Not that you're reading...

Your loss, because I'm reporting on GL WOOD.  A seriously B.A. Photographer with a style all his own.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

AYE! Can ANYBODY HEAR ME?????????????

Whoa.  Read breaking art news on Yahoo's front page.  (I blogged about it 2 months ago)
Oh and P.S. MIB3?  Please.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Macro shots of bullets being fired into bullet proof plexiglass, photographed by Deborah Bay.  OOh & Ahh!

Umbrella Time!

The Queen of England is about to make it rain on struggling artists in her nation.


I gotta admit, I do want to know a little more about this person now:

Kanoa Zimmerman

Turns out underwater B&W photos are magic.

Check yuh Deck

These are THE coolest playing cards.  Ever.

Bia van Deventer

Helen Lang

Pale Horse

This super sleek deck of playing cards is a project from Zeixs publishing.  Obviously, each card is designed by a different artist.  Variety is the spice of life... or cards.  Whatever.

Friday, May 11, 2012

H&M says Sorry

H&M apologizes for this model being to tan in a recent ad campaign for bikinis.  Who cares?!  For the millionth time, models are edited to make the prettiest picture.  Her tan isn't real and neither is H&M's apology

What H&M SHOULD apologize for is for the constant feeling of disappointment every time I browse the men's section in their Denver store.

*see the full story at Yahoo.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Were you just about to say, "Why he always bloggin' about other people's stuff and never doing any of his own work?"  Well, BLAM! I've been shooting for Continuum, Bernwood Customs, AND makin' cool stuff.  Keepin' it fly.  Keepin' it sharp.


Ryan Rice makes really attractive, saturated, contrastical paintings with funny titles.  This one's called Sublime.
(So, cool I had to show you even though there's a watermark.  mmhmm)

The Scream

Know what's awesome?  It's awesome that The Scream by Edvard Munch just set a new record as the most expensive piece of art in history.  It sold at Sotheby's for 119,000,000.00!  So many zeros!
Know what's slightly less than awesome?  Mr. Munch has been dead for like, over 100 years.  That's a lot of zeros that he's never gonna see.  When are we going to start appreciating art BEFORE an artist dies?

Run by day, Run by night

So, if you know me you know that I avoid running and/or most kinds of physical exertion at all costs.  But I do quite enjoy this public art commissioned for the 2012 Summer Olympics by Monica Bonvicini.