Sunday, October 30, 2011

pi = 3.14159265

And if we're talking about awesome photography blogs I HAVE to mention Mike Terry at Pie.  Amazing shots all the time, updated on the regular, and varied photos for people with short attention spans like me!


I was thinking today, aren't most people just waiting to find an awesome photography website/blog?  DUH... at least I know I am.  And I found one.

The whole site looks really cool.  I love the full bleed images and especially the top and bottom transparent menus... it's the little things.  Go check out the site, and don't skip the Multimedia section, 'cause it's super-bad!

RedLine 'Em Up!

Check it out! "So, I work in an art museum" features work from eight artists working in five art museums across the Front Range area in Colorado.  (Sounds like a cool show).

The opening reception is on Saturday Nov. 12 from 6-10pm, and work will remain on display until December!

RedLine Gallery is an awesome space in Denver, and they've actually managed to stay in business too!  :)

If you live in Denver and don't go you'll be missing out.  You can find more info about the show at:  AT THE MOMENT.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Test shots

I borrowed a mannequin from a friend to see what this scarf would look like on something with human form.  *See more scarves from Continnum here.

Get the right lens for all kinds of jobs delivered to your door.  BORROWLENSES.COM

Excuse me, expletive, but you're lookin' mighty fine tonight...

GOODFUCKINGDESIGNADVICE.COM is a really great website to get a laugh from, motivation from, and, well, good fucking advice from.

They've got cool merchandise that (if I could afford) would be fun to have in a studio.  And maybe the greatest selection of free wallpapers for your Mac (or whatever).


I haven't seen a (autographed, free *wink*) copy yet, but my teacher
Angela Faris' new book launched recently in New York City.
 I'm very excited to finally see a copy soon.  I can only imagine the insight and inspiration within!  CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK.

Paper Chasing

They make you sign up to be a member for $30.00/year, but first prize is $2000.00.  HMM.

What's fotovisura?  (I didn't really know either).

Adventure, Amazing.

Rope a dope

Reason number bazillion why I really want CS5 a whole lot.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Publish that A$$!

It's not an expletive 'cause I used dollar signs.  So there.

If you haven't heard of LensWork Magazine you better ask your mama for a subscription!  (Really though, if you really don't know the magazine please refer to this previous blog post.

I'm sure you heard the story of Vivian Maier.  She's that famous street photographer who's work was discovered at a yard sale just days after she passed away.  She will be in the upcoming issue, and right next to her famous self will be me

I am mucho excited!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

more "how to" and less "know how"

I swung by a Barnes & Nobel and the Photography section seems to no longer contain books OF photography... just "How To" books.  Such a shame, a hundred versions of trying to teach you and nobody showing you.

Alas... I think I just like books with lots of pictures is all.  :)

Billable Hours

I shot 18 new stunning pieces of jewelry for Continuum this past week.

I also got a job at ProDPI.  They're a printing company here in Denver that prints just about anything you can think of!  There's really cool stuff and really cool machines all over the place where I work.  There was even chilli one day!

But the real reason I wanted to blog was to say, BLAMO!  LOOK AT THIS:
This is work by photographer Thomas Barbey that I saw in this month's issue of Rangefinder Magazine.  It's really amazing work.  I bet Jerry Uelsmann hates him!  Haha.  Don't worry Jerry... you a legend.

Almost Haloween!

 Now that's a scurry desktop.  Must organize.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


My awesome photographer friend Beth and I have been shooting Black Sheep Friday events (Like it!) at the MCA Denver.  They are fun themed parties to get your Friday nights started.

They are in the museum's cafe upstairs from 7-9.  Awesome people, fun times, amazing view, and themed booze even!

How do you theme booze?  The MCA knows how!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


See, men are objectified just like women.  Rion Sabean proves it with his photo series "Men-ups" where men are photographed in classic pin-up poses.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I've had the chance to shoot lots of really beautiful jewelry pieces for Continuum Jewelry since graduation and their website just went live recently so I am excited to put some of the photos up on the interwebs!  Look!