Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ink jet transfer

Sam did a wet ink jet transfer and my face is in it. I can't really even begin to explain how he went about doing this, but I feel cooler because he did.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DI1 Final

Final in digital imaging class. The only requirement was that we had at least two shots and composited one into the other. I shot the apple and the girl in the studio, and the clouds were shot long ago when I lived in kansas. (Thanks for the good clouds kansas.)

The photo also had to illustrate a song or a poem. I chose the song original sinsuality. I won't type all the lyrics here, but the specific lyric I had in mind was, "Original sin, no I don't think so, original sinsuality. . . "
I was pretty thrilled with the final results.

Friday, March 20, 2009

More stuff.

Look at all the work I've been doing this quarter. Maybe I'm not sick at all, maybe this is just what happens to the human body after attending AI. :)
I had some issues with cyanotypes. I plan to continue working with them next quarter, because I think they're really beautiful, but for now. . . (My original hand in for cyanotypes was a reshoot. HA!)
I think I've fallen in love with Van Dykes. There were some minor technical issues with this print, but I wanted it sloppy. I will for sure be continuing with Van Dyke processing forever, and I'm sure I'll have some blue van dykes for you to see soon.Just a quick snap with my holga (which I am also falling for). I spent a bit of time in the dark room solarizing this print. Nothing too spectacular going on in the image itself, but I think solarizing is very cool.


Two final projects finished.
Three more to go.
Also, my heart has not exploded within my chest cavity yet.

All good things.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Way back when. . .

The first time I used a 4x5 camera. The first time I was in a darkroom. The photos are nothing special, but I'm completely in love with the 4x5 camera now so these, I suppose, are just something sentimental to me.

cliche verre

Chliche Verre. I believe translates into something like landscape of the mind. I fixed sheets of slide film so that they were transparent and used a saftey pin to scratch it up then smeared black ink over the scratch marks and put them in an enlarger and treated them like a regular photo and exposed them onto photo paper. Fun, but I'd like to continue to get cooler results:


From much earlier this quarter, an assignment that I wasn't too excited to do, but actually had quite a bit of fun doing:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We are photographers

Brian Muntz just created a website for photographers at the Art Institute of Colorado. It's a social website that any student or alumni can join. I think this is totally cool so if you read this blog and are either a student or alum I think you should go over and join pronto!

Lauren Lights

Open Assignment for DI1.

No requirements at all.
Shoot whatever you like.

Lauren is lit with flashlights taped to the wall.
No light painting.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Think graphically.
Diagonals are interesting; horizontals and verticals are boring.
Repeat a color.
Repeat a shape.
Have a star.
Use a gel.
This quarter needs to end, but I need more time before it does if it's going to end well. Five classes is quite a bit, and I know I can handle it, but my quality of work has slipped a little and I didn't come to AI to produce O.K. work.

I've got a prepared food shot for Advanced lighting due week ten.

I've got to shoot for/use photoshop to illustrate a song or poem.

Shoot a model tomorrow night for an open shoot for DI1.

I've got a conceptual relationship shoot using two people in a relationship (all different kinds) using half of each of their faces and a medium format camera. Three final archival silver prints on 11X14 fiber paper window matted.

A ridiculous amount of reading to do to prepare for a Western Civ. final.

Shoot a roll of 35mm film in a pinhole camera and produce a final silver print.

Make a final Vandyke print.

Make several more attempts and one final cyanotype print.

And using liquid light and bits of mirrors (come on hobby lobby, come through for me) re-create deguerreotypes.

And I've got to work, feed my dog, work at the snug on st. patty's.

And I've got two weeks to get it done.
And sleep? No wonder college kids are drunks.

My immediate plans after pulling this all of is to slip into a sugar coma for a week. And when I say sugar, I mean booze.

Friday, March 6, 2009

How Dynamic!

We were assigned an HDR scene in DI1 and I think I may be obsessed with HDR-ing photos now.

p.s. you can click on all the images on my blog to make them larger. ;)