Monday, March 9, 2009


Think graphically.
Diagonals are interesting; horizontals and verticals are boring.
Repeat a color.
Repeat a shape.
Have a star.
Use a gel.
This quarter needs to end, but I need more time before it does if it's going to end well. Five classes is quite a bit, and I know I can handle it, but my quality of work has slipped a little and I didn't come to AI to produce O.K. work.

I've got a prepared food shot for Advanced lighting due week ten.

I've got to shoot for/use photoshop to illustrate a song or poem.

Shoot a model tomorrow night for an open shoot for DI1.

I've got a conceptual relationship shoot using two people in a relationship (all different kinds) using half of each of their faces and a medium format camera. Three final archival silver prints on 11X14 fiber paper window matted.

A ridiculous amount of reading to do to prepare for a Western Civ. final.

Shoot a roll of 35mm film in a pinhole camera and produce a final silver print.

Make a final Vandyke print.

Make several more attempts and one final cyanotype print.

And using liquid light and bits of mirrors (come on hobby lobby, come through for me) re-create deguerreotypes.

And I've got to work, feed my dog, work at the snug on st. patty's.

And I've got two weeks to get it done.
And sleep? No wonder college kids are drunks.

My immediate plans after pulling this all of is to slip into a sugar coma for a week. And when I say sugar, I mean booze.

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