Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Presidents Day Everybody!

Quick Side Note (Speaking of President's Day):

Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president. Why? Well, for several reasons:

1st- He was, like, 18 feet tall. I bet Abe would have hugged me on National Hug a Tall Person Day.

2nd- For the Emancipation Proclamation. Firstly for freeing slaves, but mostly for having the artistic flare to make sure the name of the document rhymed.

3rd- For being America's first black president. It's my personal theory that Abraham Lincoln was a black man who decided the country needed change in 1809 and disguised himself daily as a white man so he could change the system from the inside out.

Sorry Barack (because you'll probably see this on your twitter feed), that makes you second on the list. I owe you a free portrait session to make up for bursting your bubble. 303-621-4052


Yeah, that just happened. I quoted Tyra Banks. (I didn't see it coming either.)

Don't get it twisted though! I'm not saying that my friend and model up there isn't beautiful.

I kinda found that quote to mean that photos of models aren't photos OF the model. They're actually photos of an attitude, emotion, or product that photographers are trying to present in the most beautiful way possible.

Anyways, I was editing these photos when I heard that quote and it just sorta stuck inmyhead so I wanted to make a little something that illustrated it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hug a Tall Person!

February 11th is National Hug a Tall Person Day, and I only got ONE hug. That's right, one! So I decided that Hug a Tally Day (as I affectionately refer to it) needed a little more publicity.

In creative concepts class this term at school we had to create something based around the word "Movement". I decided to take the opportunity to incorporate movement into a 20 second spot advertising for Hug a Tally Day. Enjoy. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Katherine Winter

Right now and through the entire month of March Tastes Wine Bar (Located at 1033 E. 17th Ave, Uptown, Denver) is showing An Exhibition of Night Photography by photographer Katherine Winter.

I went to the opening reception and was literally stopped mid-step while looking at some of the photos! The work being shown concentrates on the colors of light at night that (at least I think) are so often ignored by photographers that have done similar work.

If you are in the Denver area I promise you won't be disappointed by popping into Tastes, having a glass of wine, and treating your eyes to the beautiful mixtures of light at night Katherine has captured.

If you aren't in the Denver area then you're missing out, but you can view the work online by clicking the link below:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Absolut Ad Campaign

Anna Atkins and David Hockney. Two central figures in the history of photography. Which is why I decided to synthesize (I love it when I have the opportunity to use that word in a sentence.) their very specific styles into two Absolut Vodka ads for my advertising campaign class this quarter.

Anna Atkins was a botanist who developed an interest in photography (specifically cyanotypes) as a form of record keeping for her botanical samples. David Hockney began his art education as a painter, but found satisfaction in all sorts of artistic mediums. Most of his photo projects involved polaroid photography and gestalt panoramas.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adverse Reality

I'm in a class called Creative Concepts this quarter. We pull random words out of a hat and then have to make something based on said words. Our first phrase of the quarter was "Adverse Reality".

The adversity within my reality is time. Not necessarily not having enough of it, but managing it. I procrastinate and then I panic hence the diptych. The top scene is meant to portray me all zen and calm even though time is ticking away all around me, and then (most often the day before a deadline) the bottom frame shows the panic. Nothing too fancy or complicated, but I had a little fun.