Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Presidents Day Everybody!

Quick Side Note (Speaking of President's Day):

Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president. Why? Well, for several reasons:

1st- He was, like, 18 feet tall. I bet Abe would have hugged me on National Hug a Tall Person Day.

2nd- For the Emancipation Proclamation. Firstly for freeing slaves, but mostly for having the artistic flare to make sure the name of the document rhymed.

3rd- For being America's first black president. It's my personal theory that Abraham Lincoln was a black man who decided the country needed change in 1809 and disguised himself daily as a white man so he could change the system from the inside out.

Sorry Barack (because you'll probably see this on your twitter feed), that makes you second on the list. I owe you a free portrait session to make up for bursting your bubble. 303-621-4052

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