Friday, March 20, 2009

More stuff.

Look at all the work I've been doing this quarter. Maybe I'm not sick at all, maybe this is just what happens to the human body after attending AI. :)
I had some issues with cyanotypes. I plan to continue working with them next quarter, because I think they're really beautiful, but for now. . . (My original hand in for cyanotypes was a reshoot. HA!)
I think I've fallen in love with Van Dykes. There were some minor technical issues with this print, but I wanted it sloppy. I will for sure be continuing with Van Dyke processing forever, and I'm sure I'll have some blue van dykes for you to see soon.Just a quick snap with my holga (which I am also falling for). I spent a bit of time in the dark room solarizing this print. Nothing too spectacular going on in the image itself, but I think solarizing is very cool.

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