Monday, June 8, 2009

Digital Image Illustration


This class has really challenged me this quarter. It's entirely about composite images, and while I enjoy composites I have a hard time making my brain think fast enough and big enough for the assignments in this class. It's almost over, and I have definitely gotten into better work habits because of it.

One of our assignments was to illustrate one of the seven deadly sins. I chose gluttony, and was fairly happy with the results:

Our final had to be at least ten images composited and was just as challenging as the other assignments. The theme for the final image was history. I decided to to a brief personal history so all the pieces in the composite image are things that have been important in making me the person I am today. It's pretty 2D to create a cartoon-ish feel and it's meant to be a little silly (as I am a little silly). I'm pretty happy with the results:

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