Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bus blogin'!

I've got a game plan for portfolio this quarter! I'm really itching to move on to new photo projects, but you've got to finish what you start before moving on to something new right? So this quarter my goal is to FINISH the secret series AND the bus series. I want to be finished shooting, editing, artist stating... I even want to know what kind of paper and size of print I want for final output. I'm talkin' DONE.

So here's where I stand with the bus images so far. I wonder what the collection of photographs will look like at the end of the quarter. I'm excited for expansion!


  1. let me know when you ride the bus, caue I want to be in your legenday journeys, trials and tribulations. Cann me Sweetie!

  2. ...and maybe you can teach me how to spell along the way too!

  3. why is there not an amazing button???