Friday, August 12, 2011

What's Awesome?


Blind Spot is awesome because they show a variety of work, and it's all awesomely excellent work.  They mix photo work with non-photo work avoiding things ever looking low rent. The magazine is dominated by the work because the designers give it the space it needs.  They be mixin' it up right.  Subscribe.

Seriously awesome photo book.  Some of THE most awesome/incredible buildings I've ever seen (and that I never would have seen without the book).  Check.  It.  Out.

The LindenBerry is awesome because you never know what you'll see next and there's always something new to see.  Built in awesome photos from Jason Rowe, awesomely inspirational videos, and tear sheets.  LindenBerry knows what's up.

Bartholomew Photography
Awesome because he was one of my favorite instructors at AiCO, and I got to assist on a shoot today.  Also there were pistachios, which means nothing less than Class & Dignity.

That's What's Awesome.

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