Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mas Awesome

So this might not be terribly current, but it's awesome nonetheless.  Shrek & friends do a spread for Vman.  I don't think any of us can honestly be surprised, Shrek is steppin' out on Fiona, Puss 'n Boots is gay (duh), and Donkey is a freak.
Awesome combination of animation and photos!

Art & Soul is a photo book full of really beautiful celebrity portraiture.  It's awesome because all the portraits are kinda the same but totally different at the same time.  Brian Smith is clearly a wonderful photographer, but is apparently also a great human being.  He is full of tips and encouragement for us newbie photographers!  Thanks Bri (It's cool that I call you Bri right?)

Speaking of newbie photographers, has gotten some updates!  A new commercial gallery.  I feel like it's not enough to just demonstrate technical photo skills within the confines of artistic concepts alone.  You have to also be able to show potential employers that you can combine technical skills with concepts based in commerce if you want a job.  So there's that.

ISO 1200 magazine also did a little spot on my ice portraits video.  This was back in August and I've forgotten to mention it, but it made me feel awesome!

And lastly, You Are Not A Photographer Blog.  A hilariously brutal blog bashing bad photography on the interweb.

Very entertaining, although I do have to disagree with part of their slogan, "... You can't buy talent."  You CAN, in fact, buy talent.  All you gotta do is write me a check!  ;)

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