Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is Hany Farid.  He is a computer science professor at Dartmouth, and he has developed a program to tell whether or not photographs have been "significantly" altered during their editing process.

He is also a staunch supporter of the "Self Esteem Act" (psshhh).  Which would require images that have been "significantly" altered to be labeled.

&I just have to say:
Bollocks!  We're all good looking and we're all kinda ugly.  Deal with it!  It's a photographer's JOB to edit photos and make the shot look as good as we can.  

Ansel Adams edited the crap outta his photos in the darkroom, but you don't hear a bunch of people crying out for an asterisk to be placed in the bottom right corner of all his photos.  DO YOU??

No... you don't.

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