Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In the interest of my blog's name I've got to put the bad, as well as the good, up here if I'm being fair about things. Especially when photography school is the main scope (also a mouthwash)--failure is an option. In fact, I'd say it's sometimes completely necsessary.

This is my lighting class final photo. Prepared food. Food photography is way more difficult than one might think, and even knowing it's difficult going into it I ended up with a beverage shot. Ugh. It's pretty clearly photoshoped into the kitchen, but I think my light matched alright (I have to say SOMETHING positive about the shot or I'll lose my mind).

I don't know the actual grade on this shot yet. In fact it's the only project from last quarter that hasn't been graded yet. I'm sure my instructor is somewhere (perhaps as we speak [or I type]) debating and/or laughing right now.

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