Sunday, April 19, 2009


For Digital Image Illustration 2 (my mind may be completely in jello form between this class and studio by the end of the quarter) we had to illustrate time with a photo composite image with at least three images.

I'm not thrilled with my results, but it's done (and 786 MB):

The longer I thought about time trying to decide what to do for this assignment the more I kept thinking that time is just something that somebody made up one day. That's how time came about--some very smart (or very cruel) person a long time ago said, "Hey, it's noon now." So I decided to illustrate a different way that time came to be in our world. If time exists on it's on, in its own world (nature perhaps?) then couldn't it have seeped into our world through some little secret door somewhere? That was my concept anyways.

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